Market garden production

The City's Guide to Growing and Selling Fresh Fruit and Vegetables in Toronto is a good place to start for info on policies and regulations, as well as some inspiring examples.

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) has information about selling produce.

FarmLink has tools for accessing land for farming in Ontario.

SPIN farming from Saskatoon is a market gardening technique - Small Plot INtensive farming. This method is used by many market gardeners.

Jean Martin Fortier is a Quebec market gardener. His award winning book on market gardening is highly recommended.

Eliot Coleman and Four Seasons Farm has books, videos and articles based on Coleman's market garden in Maine.

David Cohlmeyer offers consulting services and on-line articles about organic vegetable and greenhouse production.

Ecological Farmers of Ontario provides some interesting resources for people thinking of getting into market gardening.

FarmHack is an online community of farmers who make their own tools and post the designs.

Young Agrarians has land access resources including lease agreement templates.

Canadian Organic Growers has a Toronto chapter and an organic price tracker that compares regional farmers' market prices for organic produce. They also offer publicationswebinars and courses

Also see our list of training resources

Digging deeper 

Certifications are one strategy for building trust with customers. Some types of certification include: 

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