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Amaranth & anise at HOPE garden, Parkdale. Photo: TUG

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Toronto Urban Growers is a diverse and inclusive network of individuals and organizations committed to scaling up urban agriculture in the city.

Who We Are

TUG is a member based network of urban farmers, gardeners, businesses, organizations, institutions and networks that aims to increase availability of healthy, organic and sustainable food grown, processed and sold in Toronto.

What We Do

  • Cultivate relationships
  • Generate and share information
  • Link growers to land, space and resources
  • Help new leaders emerge
  • Work with governments and other decision makers to develop and implement supportive policies
  • Promote the benefits of urban-grown food
  • Develop strategies to expand food production within the city

Our Vision 

  • Toronto growers producing local, healthy food for a prosperous, sustainable and vibrant future for all
  • Urban growers have access to the resources, knowledge and support they need to create successful, innovative food production projects
  • Toronto residents have greater access to healthy, local food
  • Young people, newcomers and new entrepreneurs have more economic opportunities
  • Toronto communities have more safe, vibrant and attractive public spaces that foster connections between people of diverse backgrounds and experiences
  • Governments, institutions, private sector businesses and Toronto residents are aware of the benefits of local, urban-grown food and support local producers
  • The city has more green infrastructure that improves waste and storm water management, reduces the impacts of climate change and provides clean air and water 

Our Values

We believe that growing food in cities:

Promotes Environmental Stewardship

Upholds and promotes sustainable growing practices that shorten the distance between growers and eaters, including:

  • Organic, non GMO food
  • Carbon reduction
  • Creating habitat and supporting pollinators
  • Water and energy conservation
  • Reducing waste and creating healthy soil

Meets Physical and Social Needs

Healthy food provides nutrients for the body while nurturing the mind and spirit. It connects us to the land, people and organisms that produce our food, while helping us to relate to and learn from each other. Food has the power to break down isolation and build cohesive communities

Supports Social Justice and Inclusion

People from all backgrounds and experiences have significant contributions to make to our food system. We create space for these voices and foster connections between diverse people to recognize and build upon these strengths. Communities need to have a say in how their food is produced and distributed.

Creates Prosperity

Local food provides improved livelihoods while supporting fair labour practices. It relies on an economic and policy climate where local food businesses can thrive.

We believe it is possible for local food production to balance and integrate these values. We are committed to fostering open discussion about how TUG brings these values to life in our work.


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