Getting started

Waterfarmers is a consulting firm that designs systems for its customers, their website has infographics explaining aquaponics systems, the benefits of AP systems and a list of key aquaponics experts and organizations

Noa Fisheries offers aquaponics courses, tours, info and tips on tilapia and fish .

Commercial aquaponics farms are just getting started in Toronto:

Scadding Court Community Centre launched Aquaponics 707 in May, 2016. The fish and plants will be available for purchase by the community at affordable rates, by restaurants as specialty items, and will also be used for programs at the Centre.

Now if you are convinced in aquaponics and want to take that step and experiment with, let’s find a system for you. There are 2 ways to find a system:

1. Buy it ready to start 

  • You can find a pre-fabricated system on Kijiji
  • The Aquaponics Source is a US company, but they have daily tips, an online community forum and a downloadable guidebook. 

2. Do it yourself 

Here is a non-exhaustive list of websites and videos showing you how to build your own system:

Ongoing advice and maintenance

Freestyle Farm - a Toronto blog about urban farming, including back yard aquaponics and "duckponics".

 Ten Guidelines for Aquaponics 


FoodShare Toronto has curriculum links and info for schools wanting to build Vegequariums.

Growing Power in Milwaukee inspired many Toronto growers. You can go to Growing Power for weekend aquaponics workshops.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has a detailed article on small-scale aquaponics.

TEDX video on aquaponics in the UK 

Video on adding a solar panel.

Shopping list

Fish: Noa Fisheries

Material: Vancouver company will ship: Just Aquaponics



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