TUG history

In 2008, a series of meetings between Toronto city staff, urban growers and organizations working on urban agriculture led to the identification of some common issues in the field. These included: training, land access, enabling policies and opportunities to share knowledge and resources through networking. In order to address these issues, participants agreed to establish a network under the name of Toronto Urban Growers (TUG) in January 2009. 

Since then, TUG has hosted regular networking meetings and promoted knowledge exchanges between urban growers via tours, a website and an online forum. TUG has contributed to many initiatives in Toronto, such as the Metcalf Solutions paper, GrowTO action plan, the Guide for Soil Testing in Urban Gardens and the Guide to Growing and Selling Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Toronto. You can find these documents on our Key Documents page.

In 2017, TUG organized the first official Urban Agriculture Day, proclaimed by the City of Toronto. See the UA Day page for highlights of the nine days of events. We are now planning for Urban Agriculture Week in September 2018.

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