Producers and urban ag businesses

The following Toronto-based enterprises are focused on production and distribution within the city.

Black Creek Community Farm

Crooked Cucumber CSA

Cultivate Toronto

Fresh City Farms

Postage Stamp Urban Farm

Truly Local

Urban Harvest - seeds, seedlings, garden inputs and natural body care products

Other businesses offer services related to urban agriculture:

Backyard Urban Farm Company - designs, installs and maintains organic vegetable gardens for homes, schools, corporate spaces, daycare centers and retirement facilities

Building Roots uses a full-service approach to bring healthy food to all neighborhoods in Toronto. They works with builders, property managers, local government, community groups and residents to build and grow community and commercial food infrastructure into new housing developments and revitalizations. 

Ecoman is a landscaping & gardening practice that shapes private/public space of all sizes with custom, edible gardens.

Green Gardeners - a Toronto-based sustainable and eco-friendly gardening and landscape company offering edible gardens combining perennials, shrubs, flowers and vegetables

Holly Ray Farms- offers consulting, design and ongoing email support for people starting organic veggie gardens at home

WASTENOT Worm Farms - collect food scraps from homes and offices and turn them into biofertilizer

Young Urban Farmers - sets up and maintains residential, commercial and indoor edible gardens

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