Growing Organizations

There is a rich variety of ways to organize urban agriculture initiatives. Whether you belong to a small community garden, a non-profit organization, charity or cooperative, you will find resources on governance and building stronger organizations in this section. 

Community Gardens

The Toronto Community Garden Network has resources for starting and supporting community gardens.


The Local Food and Farm Co-ops Network has resources for starting a co-op, obtaining funding, running effective meetings and co-op board governance. The site also has a map of existing co-ops across Ontario and lots of stories of co-ops in action.

Ontario Natural Food Co-op is a distributor of natural and organic food. Their website has a page describing co-ops and providing links to resources.

Industry Canada's site on co-operatives has guides on forming cooperatives and legal issues. 

Non-Profit Organizations

The Ontario Non-profit Network offers some free resources on NFP development, sector impact and communications. Other services come with paid membership.

Charity Village has resources for non-profits and online courses. has an accreditation program for non-profits and a fee-based fundraising database.

Supporting Black leadership in non-profit organizations
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