Policy links

Toronto has two food policy councils that include a strong focus on urban agriculture - the Toronto Food Policy Council and Toronto Youth Food Policy Council. Food by Ward is a collaboration of the TFPC & TYFPC that highlights food assets and opportunities in Toronto.

The Toronto Agriculture Program (TAP) brings a wide range of City divisions together to address policy and planning barriers to scaling up urban agriculture in Toronto. 
See a TFPC summary of TAP highlights. The initial council report identifies areas for action for a number of City divisions. A new work plan for 2017 is pending.
Section 37 can be a tool for getting funding for capital costs for urban agriculture projects with strong public benefits. It is a section of the provincial Planning Act that allows cities to allow increased height or density of a construction project in exchange for community benefits. See Toronto's info page and brochure.

Halton Food Council - includes a food charter, resources on local food. Their community gardens initiatives page has an excellent Community Garden Policy Scan of municipalities across Ontario, with a list of the benefits of community gardens and key strategies for success.

RUAF paper CityFood: Linking Cities on Urban Agriculture and Urban Food Systems - how municipal governments can contribute to sustainable, nourishing food systems.

Milan Urban Food Policy Pact signed by 100 mayors from cities around the world - strong focus on climate change, supporting local, sustainable food systems. See Toronto's response.
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