I Want Land!

Community Gardens

The Toronto Community Garden Network has a list of existing community gardens and resources for starting new community gardens.

The City’s Community Garden Program provides information on how to start a community garden in a city-owned park in Toronto.

Allotment Gardens

The City of Toronto runs a number of allotment gardens where you can rent a plot. It’s often easier to get a plot in gardens further from the city core. You need to register for the allotment garden wait list on the first working day in February. More information about the process and allotment garden locations is available on the website (click here) or you can call 416-392-8188.

Back Yard Sharing

More and more people with yard space are interested in sharing it with gardeners seeking land. 

YardShareTO helps connect gardeners without greenspace in Toronto with those who have backyard (or frontyard) space to share. 

You can also join a program that provides support to landholders and gardeners such as:

Access Alliance’s Green Access Program  

The Stop’s Yes In My Back Yard program          

Other Private Land

The Cutting Veg and Garden Jane offer coaching for starting gardens on condo tower lands.

Institutional Land

Project SOIL has resources, case studies and reports on the benefits of using institutional land such as health care facilities for urban agriculture. Great info if you want to make the case for a potential project!

Other Resources

Section 37 can be a tool for getting funding for capital costs for urban agriculture projects with strong public benefits. It is a section of the provincial Planning Act that allows cities to allow increased height or density of a construction project in exchange for community benefits. See Toronto's info page and brochure.

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