The Black Creek Food Justice Network issued Fighting for Food Justice in the Black Creek Community: Report, Analyses and Steps Forward  The report includes existing initiatives (including "revolutionary gardens") and offers recommendations and food justice resources.

Toronto For All is a City of Toronto site focusing on homelessness, anti-Black racism, Islamophobia, trans youth of colour and Indigenous peoples of Tkaronto.

Cultural humility is a way of working and living with others without assuming that your knowledge and culture is best. Some examples: 
Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition's Action for Inclusion: A Resource Kit for Community Conversations is designed to support diversity and improve inclusion in small to mid-sized, volunteer-based non profit organizations. 

Showing Up for Racial Justice Toronto (SURJ) has a resource and education page 

How White People Handle Diversity Training in the Workplace highlights some of the ways that white people unintentionally resist efforts to confront racism. A good reflection piece to read before undertaking any group work on anti-oppression.  

Resources on Indigenous culture

Ojibiikaan Indigenous Cultural Network  is an Indigenous-led nonprofit operating land, food and culture based programming in Toronto and the surrounding region.

Dodem Kanonhsa’ is a learning and sharing facility which fosters greater acceptance, understanding and harmony between members of First Nations and Non-Aboriginal People. 

First Story app and tours focusing on heritage and culture of Toronto’s Indigenous community.  

Two resources on land acknowledgements are and Whose Land

An article that examines the difference between Guests and Settlers

Some resources from our neighbours to the south

The US context can be different, but we include these links because there is still much to learn from the work of our neighbours.

Dismantling Racism Works offers extensive on-line resources. 

Farming While Black, written by Leah Penniman, founding Co-Director of Soul Fire Farm 

Detroit has an abundance of inspiring thinkers and farmers including: Detroit Black Community Food Security NetworkD-Town Farm and Malik Yakini 

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