Scarborough Seeds for All Forever

Do you want to support local food and create more green spaces in your neighbourhood?

Join the Scarborough Seeds For All Forever Challenge!

Become a local seed saving champion

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Who is eligible to participate?

Any gardening group can join the Challenge, including community and school gardens and community farms.


Are you an individual with outdoor growing space at home or an allotment plot? You can sign up too! A group of neighbours can also join as a team!


The main criteria is the commitment to grow plants for seed and share that seed with the community.


Why should I sign up?

By joining Scarborough Seeds For All Forever, you are:

  • Ensuring local growers will continue to have seeds for the foods that matter to them
  • Increasing green space in your neighbourhood
  • Creating gardens that will support local wildlife
  • Building a supportive network of growers that will learn, share seeds and celebrate food together
  • Teaching others about the importance of saving seed, growing food locally and creating pollinator gardens


You will receive:
  • Information on how to grow and save seeds
  • Campaign materials that show your participation in the campaign – garden signs, stickers, postcards, envelopes
  • Different varieties of seeds saved by other local growers
  • An invitation to the final celebration of the project


How does it work?

  • Sign up to join Scarborough Seeds For All Forever
  • Tell us what type of seed or seeds you want to save
  • You’ll receive a campaign kit with seed saving information, signs for posting in gardens, postcards, stickers and envelopes.
  • Keep in touch through the summer! We’ll share stories about who and what is growing in the campaign gardens. There will also be workshops and events.
  • In August and September, gather your seeds for sharing and swapping
  • Celebrate the project at a recognition event at the Malvern Farmer’s Market during Toronto Urban Agriculture Week in September.
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