TO Prosperity and urban agriculture

Do you think that reducing poverty isn’t your issue? The City of Toronto’s poverty reduction strategy – TO Prosperity - has a number of action items related to urban agriculture. 

Numbers correspond to recommendations in the TO Prosperity report:

5.3 Support growth in the number of high-quality, out-of-school-time programs for children and youth

8.2 Develop mechanisms that make it easy and cost-effective for public sector and community organizations to procure healthy food

9.1 Support innovative business models that help retailers sell healthier food in underserved communities

9.2 Establish enabling policies and processes to facilitate food initiatives on City land and in City facilities

9.3 Ensure rules related to commercial food production, preparation and sales are clear and accessible

9.4 Remove barriers to expand urban agriculture on government lands

9.6 Invest in community-based food infrastructure that increases access to affordable, nutritious and culturally appropriate food

For more info, see:

TOprosperity work plan to 2018 

2016 work plan 

TOProsperity main page 

Talk to your Councillor about TOProsperity and urban agriculture

Come to the TUG networking meeting on September 21, where we'll talk about how current City initiatives, such as TOProsperity and the Toronto Agriculture Program can support urban agriculture.


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