Lasioglossum [sweat bee] on red maple photograph by Heather Holm

Declining Bees and Lazy Lawns

Thanks to Sheila Colla and Lorraine Johnson for this thoughtful response to the No Mow May campaignDandelions elicit extreme reactions. They’re considered the bane of lawn care, hated with a fervour used to justify the massive chemical onslaught (fed by the lawn-care industry and advertising) that has been enlisted for decades to solve the “scourge” of this non-native yellow flower. Anyone allowing a few dandelions to tarnish the greensward of lawn risks community shaming.There’s a movement afoot to redeem the dandelion. Like the plant itself, the movement started in Britain and has been imported to North America. Under the banner of a catchy slogan, #NoMowMay urges people to let the lawn grow with freedom for one spring month and to celebrate the spontaneous vegetation that appears, in order to “feed... >

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