Pollinator Garden Funding

PollinateTO – Community Grants

Want to create pollinator habitat in your neighbourhood? Grants of up to $5,000 are available. Apply for funding starting March 4. Applications close May 1.

Program Overview

Through its new PollinateTO grants program, the City will fund pollinator habitat creation projects that educate and engage the community.

Up to $5,000 per project is available.

Are you interested in gardening and protecting pollinators? Would you like to:

·         Create pollinator gardens or rain gardens in your neighbourhood or at your school?

·         Enhance or expand existing gardens with native pollinator-friendly plants?


If you answered yes to any of the above, please apply to PollinateTO for funding to support your idea!


Who Can Apply

This program is open to all not-for-profit resident and community groups located in the city of Toronto. To be eligible for funding, a group must have at least three Toronto residents that live in separate households.

Funding is not available for individuals or businesses.


Project Requirements

The program support projects that create pollinator habitat in Toronto. Projects must also educate and engage the community.

Projects must:

·         be physically located in the city of Toronto
·         directly result in the creation of pollinator habitat
·         include an educational component to inform others about pollinator stewardship
·         involve the community in some way
·         be visible to the community
·         commence within a reasonable time after funding is approved
·         be completed within one year of the date funding is approved
·         acknowledge the financial assistance provided by the City of Toronto


Eligible Projects

Examples of eligible projects include:

·         community-led pollinator gardens or rain gardens on private or public land

·         neighbourhood-based habitat projects, such as the creation of multiple pollinator gardens on the same street that together create a pollinator pathway/habitat corridor

·         pollinator gardens or rain gardens on school grounds

Each habitat creation project must include an educational component (e.g. signage, plant labels, etc) and involve the community (planting days, garden tours, etc).


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