Solar Bucket Hackathon

Start on February 3rd 2017 @ 12:00. End on February 5th 2017 @ 17:00
Cavaleiro Farm's Upcoming Event:

Solar Bucket Hack-a-Thon
How would you use Clean Portable Energy?

A chance to meet new people, have fun and be creative!


We want to create a collaborative environment with different skills, experiences and perspectives.

You DO NOT have to be a farming or technology expert.

The Story
A year ago, the farmers at Cavaleiro Farm faced a challenge, how could they pump water remotely to their plants and animals at far distances? Running feet of extension cords or driving over large tanks of water was costly and a resource-inefficient solutions. So, with a bit of creativity and engineering know-how, they created the Solar Bucket, a tool that captures solar energy in a portable battery. Not just for pumping water anymore, it was power for anything, whenever and wherever they needed it.


The Hackathon Challenge

We have a second generation Smart Solar Bucket which has some internet based technology applied to it. This will create greater opportunities for automation and data collection which will support an online community of builders, farmers, entrepreneurs, and researchers.

We'll be putting a prototype of the Smart Solar Bucket in the hands of our Hack-a-thon participants. Using case studies from ecological farmers as inspiration, participants will create innovative solutions and ideas for how this clean, portable energy can be used.

Desired Outcomes
We want to facilitate a collaborative environment in which participants are shown how nature can be used as inspiration to solve challenges. Individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds will be exposed to the pains and barriers faced by urban and rural growers.
This is not a one and done event, individuals and teams with high-potential ideas will have the opportunity to access the resources required to turn them into reality.


When: Friday, February 3rd at 12:00 PM - Sunday, February 5th at 5:00 PM (EST)
Where: Ryerson Science Discovery Zone, 59 Dalhousie St, Toronto, ON M5B 2P7
Who: Anyone can participate!



Anyone can participate, young, old, and in between. This is a chance to think creatively about big problems and discover new perspectives by working collaboratively with people from diverse backgrounds. Participants do not have to be experts in farming, food or environmental issues

Food & Farming
Community Organizers
Content Experts
Project Managers

Get Involved!
There are 3 ways:

1: Invite Participants

Forward this email to your friends and colleagues and encourage them to register here []

2: Be a Partner and Support the Hack!
Contact Saqib: 416 729 6946,
Sponsorship: Financial, food/beverage, facilitation, printing and videography are examples of current opportunities.
Volunteer: Help facilitate the event by volunteering whatever time you have.
Knowledge Experts, Mentors or JudgeThroughout the 2.5 day event, a group of facilitators, mentors, speakers and judges will be on hand. They will provide teams with inspiration, strategic guidance, and feedback on solutions.

3: Spread the word!

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