Season Extension workshop

September 15th 2016. 18:15 to 20:45

Co-presented by Black Creek Community Farm and the FoodShare Academy

September 15, 6:15 -8:45 pm

At the Black Creek Community Farm

4929 Jane St. south of Steeles

Earn the envy of your friends and neighbours as you continue to harvest fresh vegetables from your garden even when there is snow on the ground! In this workshop you will learn inexpensive ways to keep your garden productive longer, and to get a head start in the spring.

We’ll cover:
- how to choose crops that are well suited to growing in the shoulder seasons and through the winter
- how to time your plantings to extend your harvest (i.e. when to plant seeds so that they mature in time for harvest in winter)
- how to build and grow in a cold frame, as well as other cost-effective ways to keep your plants cosy in cold weather

Participants will take home seeds, and season extension resources. Participants will also have the opportunity to purchase a cold frame kit from FoodShare.