Rouge River Seedy Saturday

May 18th 2019. 10:00 to 13:00

Saturday May 18, 2019          

10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Neilson Park Community Garden (1575 Neilson Rd at Finch)

Garden opening/orientation 10 am
Seedy Saturday Seed/Seedling Exchange & Workshops 11am - 1 pm

This Seedy Saturday will run concurrent with the opening of the Neilson Park Community Garden. Please join us and take part in some of the exciting workshops and activities that we'll be engaged in as the gardens are prepped for the coming season. 

Trade your extra seeds or seedlings to add some variety to your vegetable patch this year!  We're growing a few interesting veggies and native pollinator attracting species, why not bring some of your favourites to trade with us? 

Drop in to see the selection, to learn about how you can become involved in Malvern's three Community Gardens, help to increase local food security, or improve the environment starting in your own neighbourhood. 

Workshops include:

  • Seed Starting (Demonstration)
  • Identification & Eradication of Common Alien Invasive Weeds That Threaten Our Local Ecosystems

It's time to GROW SOME T.O. !