Introduction to Urban Agriculture

July 9th 2019. 18:00 to 20:00
Tuesday, July 9 2019 6:00-8:00 pm
Big Carrot rooftop garden
348 Danforth Ave, Toronto

Learn to grow food organically with low cost, practical and eco-friendly techniques in the city!

About this Event

Come up to the rooftop and learn from urban food grower and community justice activist Cheyenne Sundance of Sundance Harvest , how to get started and get growing food. Cheyenne Sundance is a self-taught urban farmer who focuses on decolonization and what that looks like in the food system, food growing and in organizations leading communities.

Tickets $20 

What you'll learn:

Seeds and Seedling Starting

We will be making potting mix to start seeds, discussing different types of seeds and different germination types and common seedling questions.

Importance of Soil and Soil Amending

Clay, loamy, sandy, silty are just a few ways people can describe soil. But what's the best soil for kale or let's say tomatoes? Learn about soil types, how to ID soil and the best way to fix your soil, if needed.

Planning for a Continuous Bounty

Getting the most out of your garden and harvests is something we all want! Find out ways you can get multiple harvests in one seasons and get recommendations on key planting dates for crops.

DIY Fertilizers

Tried and true organic DIY fertilizer recipes will be made and taught! We will be creating these fertilizers using everyday plants we can find around the garden.

Importance of Companion Planting

Flowers as natural pesticides, aiding in pollination, creation of habitats and more are reasons to companion plant. Companion planting basically means that when planted together, certain plants can benefit from each other. The opposite is also true! Some plants harm other plants if planted next to them. Companion planting is about planting strategically and with nature.

Cheyenne will also be talking throughout about why she chose to be a farmer, the importance of food sovereignty and community growing, decolonization through agriculture, organic agriculture and racism within the food system.

Snacks will be provided and we will drink chamomile tea.

Wear closed toe shoes, bring a water bottle and clothes you don't mind getting a bit dirty!