Idea Projects

May 11th 2019. All day

Art Event on Saturday, May 11th, 2019

Idea Projects

Artists: Dornith Doherty, Elaine Whittaker, Jude Abu Zaineh, PA System, Alien Agency Collective 

Idea Projects, Ontario Science Centre’s partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto, provides studio residencies to selected artists exploring science and technology through art. Idea Projects unites two forms of inquiry and reveals the potential for scientific and artistic collaborations to reimagine the global landscape.

Resulting site-specific installations, made in 2019, all employ photography in ways that consider the medium’s utilitarian role in the sciences. Showcased in a Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival Premier Exhibition, they challenge the presumption of scientific objectivity.

Info on location and admission:


3:00 pm, Studio 1, Level 2 – Panel talk: Alien Agencies 
Alien Agency Collective (Joel Ong, Gunes Isitan, Nicole Clouston, and Tosca Teran) are engaging in a bio-art practice by engaging with microbial and mycelial life that helped to terraform the Earth and may be sent to other planets in order to make them hospitable for human life.
4:00 pm, Studio 2 – Panel talk: What Do You Do With 100,000 Endangered Species? 
Artist Dornith Doherty and David Galbraith of Royal Botanical Gardens discuss plant conservation today at the global level. What are the most pressing problems and what are the responses being tried?

5:00 pm EST, Great Hall, Level 2 (at the entrance) – Welcome words: Introducing the artists and thank you to the volunteers and staff. This exhibition brings together five of the resulting Idea Projects, which engage science through creative experimentation and participatory activism.

5:30 pm – 7 pm, in front of the art installations in Great Hall – Meet the Idea Projects Artists 

Their multi-layered installations provide subjective and emotional evaluations of a complex and fragile world affected by human behaviour.

6:00 pm, Studio 2 – Panel talk: SYSTEM Sounds

Matt Russo and Andrew Santaguida’s science-art outreach project converts the rhythms and harmonies of the cosmos into music and sound. 

6:00 pm, Great Hall, Level 2, Vault: Seed Exchange Event with Dornith Doherty

Visitors are invited to help build a functional seed bank onsite by exchanging one viable living seed, sourced by the Vault volunteers, for one photograph of a seed by the artist.