Gardening Class series with Alfredo Correa

January 17th 2019. 16:00 to 18:00
Dig In! Campus Agriculture and the City of Toronto present this Gardening Class Series with Alfredo Correa. Alfredo works in Community Development, Parks, Forestry & Recreation at the City of Toronto. 

Each class will be Thursday from 4:00-6:00pm in either RW 142 or RW 140 at 25 Harbord St. and will cover different topics as per below: 

January 17, RW 142: SOIL 
texture, chemical, test, amendments, preparation

January 24, RW 140: SEED 
selection, saving, planting, growing

January 31, RW 142: WEEDS & PESTS 
Biological control, prevention, mulch, companion planting

February 7, RW 140: PLANT PROPAGATION 
Vegetables, flowers, other plants

Attend all classes and receive a certification of completion!

Further info:

Generously supported by the Dean's Student Initiative Fund,  Faculty of Arts & Science