Aquaponics 101 workshops

Start on June 3rd 2017. End on July 29th 2017
Looking for something fun to do on a Saturday afternoon!?

Want to learn some cool stuff and meet some awesome people!?

The Aquaponics 101 Workshop is designed to introduce the concept of Aquaponics through Biomimicry. We begin by covering the Biological and Technical information of Aquatic and Hydroponic environments and then engage our 'future-farmers' in skill-building exercises. 

Participants will be able to tour an one-of-a-kind Aquaponics farming unit built in a re-purposed shipping container, with a chance to ask questions and see the major system components.

After a brief presentation on Aquaponics 'Theory', participants will cycle through three stations:

1) Aquaponics System Tour & Fish Feeding 

2) Nutrient Testing and Seeding Station

3) Equipment, Systems Design and Technology Station

Upon leaving the course, all participants will have been taught all of the primay requirements of a successful Aquaponics system and have seen a functioning system and all of its main components.

We hope to see you there!

Saturdays from June 3 to July 29, 12:00 pm
Tickets $60 or $200 for 4 people

*Follow this link to see how you can get to Evergreen Brickworks via TTC: