Keep on clucking! December 7

As the pilot comes to an end. City staff are presenting a report on Toronto's Backyard Urban Hens Pilot on December 7. 

You can still sign the petition to extend the pilot to all 25 wards:

You can also send a letter to the Councillors on the Economic and Community Development Committee before December 7:

(Please feel free to personalize this letter as personal letters have more impact than form letters. If you live in one of these councillors’ wards, include your address so they know you are a constituent. Find your councillor here )

Dear Councillor ______________,

I am writing in support of the City-wide legalization of backyard hens in Toronto following the successful completion of the Backyard Hen Pilot Project.

As the pilot project has demonstrated, backyard hens can easily be kept without causing odour, noise, pests or human health problems. 

Many people keep backyard hens to ensure they have healthy food to eat. They want to eat eggs that have been produced in a humane way. They consider their hens to be beloved pets, in much the same way as others consider their dogs and cats to be family companions.

Many people who are food insecure and would benefit from having a supply of eggs don’t have back yards. Much like community gardens, community hen projects can make a protein source available to residents living on low incomes while still meeting city regulations.  These should be explicitly allowed along with backyard hens.  

Keeping backyard hens is a common urban practice throughout North America. (For example, 94 of the 100 largest cities in the U.S. allow backyard hens.) A bylaw legalizing backyard hens in Toronto should follow well-established guidelines and regulations that prioritize animal health and human safety. Such standards are commonly and straightforwardly enacted in cities across North America in enabling bylaws.

I urge you to support the legalization of backyard hens in Toronto now that the 3-year pilot project has demonstrated the safety, security and benefits of backyard hens.

Yours truly,
(your name)

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