COVID 19 response

Photo: Jacqueline Conte

Garden closures

The City of Toronto has announced that all City-operated allotment gardens and community gardens in City parks will be closed until further notice. Click here for  the press release. 

The Province of Ontario has declared that community gardens are a recreational service and will be closed. See announcement here. 

Community gardeners across Ontario are reminding the province that community gardens are essential food services. For more info, click here.

Getting and giving support

Our local seed producers were hit hard by losing some of the biggest sales of the year when Seedy Saturdays were cancelled. Please order your seeds online if you can and keep supporting our seed growers! A list of seed companies with online stores is at

If you coordinate a garden or urban ag program, consider organizing a group seed purchase for people who don't have online access.

There is also a list of companies that will deliver soil amendments at

Urban ag projects often act as community hubs, so we have a strong role to play in getting useful information out to our communities. 

> Fight myth-information - go to trusted sources like Toronto Public Health  and challenge some of the racist and xenophobic myths you may hear. 

> Encourage people to take protective measures:
  • Proper hand washing
  • Cough or sneeze into your sleeve or arm
  • Self-isolate if you're showing symptoms
  • Limit non-essential travel
  • Avoid large gatherings of people when possible
  • Instead of hugs & handshakes, use low-contact greetings  (some people now call the elbow bump the "chicken wing"!)
  • Step up hygiene routines in public gathering areas by washing contact surfaces more frequently
> Set up support networks for people who need to self-isolate

If you're on Facebook, there's a Toronto group for people needing or offering assistance, plus resources for community organizing

Community garden safety

Wareham Community Garden in Massachussets has developed guidelines for safe use of community garden space once their gardens re-open. Download the PDF here. 

Let us know if there are other concerns that come up. 

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