Outdoor Mushroom Growing Workshop

June 12th 2016. 07:00 to 09:00
1322B Gerrard St. East

Join seasoned mushroom growing enthusiast Tom Nagy as he illustrates the basics of how you can grow your own edible & medicinal fungi in your own backyard using a variety of locally sourced and recycled materials.

Come and learn about all the different mushroom species that are at your disposal and discover which ones are best suited to your local ecology and available resources. Many mushroom species are perennial and so can become long-lived residents in your backyard, producing several bountiful harvests in a season and improving the productivity of your garden.

Many mushrooms grow best in the shade, which allows even those with woodland gardens or treed properties to produce both food and medicine. Some are especially suited to being grown in direct association with vegetable plants, ornamentals and fruit trees, even with partial sun exposure.

The limits to how you can grow your own mushrooms are only limited to your imagination and creativity. Never thought you could grow your own mushrooms? Come and be inspired by the possibilities and discoveries that await you!

Cost: $20 + complimentary .PDF copy of all of the presentation material for future reference (via E-mail sign-up sheet) included commercial sources of mushroom spawn/mycelium, video links and resources.

About Tom: An enthusiastic and insightful encyclopedia of ethnobotany, mycology, and traditional foraging skills, Tom delivers passionate and engaging edible & medicinal plant walks as well as courses and workshops on growing fungi, herbal medicine, fermentation, holistic methods of food production and how to strengthening ecological systems.

He lives, loves and grows food and community in Hamilton, Ontario and shares his experiences at For more information about the workshop please contact Tom via