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January 31st 2017. All day

Growing fruit trees in the desert....and wild edibles

It's hard enough to grow fruit trees in a temperate climate. Find out how Greg Peterson of grows fruit trees in the desert in Arizona by listening to The Urban Forestry Radio Show on Tuesday, January 31, 2017 at 1pm EST.  

Hey, you think you have a hard time growing fruit trees in your garden? Think of what it might be like growing your fruit trees in the desert.
In the next episode of the Urban Forestry Radio Show Greg Peterson of Phoenix, Arizona tells us desert growing isn't as hard as you may think.Greg is the man behind where he teaches people from across North America how to grow edibles in an urban environment.

Tune in live and ask your questions in the upcoming episode of The Urban Forestry Radio Show.

And later in the show we will talk about growing native edible plants and trees from seed. It can be easy, according to Russ Cohen from Arlington Massachusetts.

He’ll share some of his tips and suggest why all of us can benefit from having native edibles in our landscape. 

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