Introduction to Hot Composting

May 4th 2021. 13:00 to 14:00
International Compost Awareness Week will be held this year from May 2-8, with a special focus this year on soil biodiversity. As part of local event programming, Crooked Farmz will be offering a workshop on Tuesday, May 4th, titled: "Introduction to Hot Composting".

This workshop will cover the basics of creating 'hot compost' yourself to improve soil health organically. We will discuss types of composters; the all-important Carbon:Nitrogen ratio; aeration and moisture; feedstocks and amendments; as well as fungi, worms, and other non-human partners.

The workshop will be held in partnership with York Region Food Network as part of the official launch of their brand new Compost Learning Hub. 

Registration for this free Zoom workshop can be found at: