Forest Gardening and Permaculture workshop

August 6th 2016. 11:00 to 13:00
Come hear Steven Martyn speak in Toronto about his book "The Madawaska Forest Garden, Co-creating Integrated Polyculture". 

"The forest garden is a cumulative co-creative expression born from three decades of working with the Earth as a landscaper, grower and wildcrafter. The idea for the garden started with a longing to work with the wild land in a co-creative, non-invasive, non-exploitive way, like a wildcrafter/forager does. After some initial attempt on wild land by Algonquin Park Steven’s longing called him to teachers (the Lacandon Maya in Mexico) who gave the insights the Madawaska forest garden is founded on. Upon arriving home in Ontario, Canada, with this revelation about forest agriculture, Steven’s research into similar land use in Ontario lead him to an MA on traditional plant use in the South Algonquin territory—and to actually making an integrated polycultural garden in the wilderness."