TUG Networking Meeting

Tuesday, April 26, 5:00-7:30 pm

Riverdale Hub 

Greenhouses! Greenhouses! And more!

Joel Fridman from Fresh City Farms will share their recent experience with setting up ground-level greenhouses on an unused lawn of a business close to Highway 427. 

Pots Sallapa (accompanied by his architect Eddie Lee) will present the process he has been going through to be able to put up a greenhouse on top of his store, 4Life Natural Foods, in Kensington Market.  [See an article about this at].  

We'll take a tour of the rooftop gardens and other features of the Riverdale Hub space and the Social Gardener Cafe, in the heart of Little India.

In the second half of the meeting, we’ll open up a broader discussion about how to expand the presence and use of greenhouses across the City, following up on the exchanges that started on TUG’s Google Group.

We’ll also show our new online urban agriculture map and talk about upcoming tours. 

Meeting info:

1326 Gerrard St East, on the north side of the street, between Greenwood and Coxwell

Getting there by TTC: 
Take the 506 College streetcar, the 31 Greenwood bus, or the 22 Coxwell bus.

Riverdale Hub is a wheelchair-accessible building.

NB If you can't make it right at 5:00, join us when you can! The cafe will remain open for most of the meeting.

Here is some information about the Hub:

Riverdale Hub is an organization in the east end of Toronto that houses a variety of social enterprises, unique rental spaces, and environmental initiatives. Located in a historic building that has been revitalized to fit the needs of cultural workers, entrepreneurs, and community groups, the Hub offers many exciting ways to get involved.

And here is some information that was provided to us by the manager of the Social Gardener Cafe, of the Riverdale Hub.

> I am working with one of the cafe employees to set up the rooftop

> garden - we will be doing some seeding and direct sowing this week.

> We are trying to plan the planting around ways that it can be used in

> the cafe, which will mainly focus on greens (salad, kale) and herbs -

> for cooking as well as making  our own tea blends. Additionally we

> will be growing other plants like heirloom tomatoes, mini-melons,

> beans peas etc.

> > We also hope to grow additional mini pots of herbs, heirloom seedlings

> to sell though the cafe to customers.

For minutes of past meetings, please see our Archive

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