How to Rapidly Regenerate Your Soil

October 21st 2021. 14:00 to 15:00
How to Rapidly Regenerate Your Soil 
free webinar by the Soil Food Web School

Thursday, October 21, 2:00 p.m. 

Soil biology is at the core of Regenerative Ag and of any Ecosystem Restoration project. It’s the soil microbes that drive the system and introducing beneficial microorganisms at the start of your project will dramatically accelerate the regeneration process. So how do you boost the biology in your soil? That’s where Biological Compost comes in.

When most people look at compost, they see a means of delivering nutrients to their plants. This is like providing those plants with a free meal, or a handout. When we look at Biological Compost, we see a means of delivering beneficial microorganisms to the soil, where they will exchange nutrients with plants for many years.

In this webinar, Soil Food Web will be looking at the ways in which plants feed the microbial community in the root zone with simple sugars, in exchange for valuable nutrients and protection from disease-causing organisms. We’ll also be talking about the ways in which Biological Compost can be produced and how we use the microscope to evaluate the quality of the compost, by identifying and quantifying some of the microbes in the compost.

Joining Dr. Elaine Ingham on the panel will be Biological Compost Producers, Keisha Wheeler and Casey Ernst of Catalyst BioAmendments, Soil Food Web School Mentors, Eric Feiler and Dr. Adrienne Godschalx, and Soil Consultant, Brain Vagg of Sprouting Soil.